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    Look how his chubby face smushes forward, I want ooooone

    omg omg omg omg omg 

    loose puppy skin is my FAVE

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    Rap Music

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    another old thing

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    Nike, Victory Goddess of Samothrace, Appears in a Tree Bathed in Light, Salvador Dali 1977

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  11. Edward Weston, "Pepper No. 30" (1930)
    Edward Weston, "Knees" (1927)
    Edward Weston, "Dunes, Oceano" (1936)
    Edward Weston, "Back of Nude" (1927)


    Fun fact: Edward Weston was one of the very first artists to be included in SFMOMA’s now-renowned photography collection. In 1946, SFMOMA organized an Edward Weston retrospective – one of the first retrospectives of its kind!

    Featured here are just a few works by Weston from the SFMOMA photography collection. See and learn more→

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    From the upcoming issue of Critic magazine (Dunedin, NZ). ‘A House Without Books’ by Sarah Ley-Hamilton

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